Sunday, 7 September 2008

Au Revoir!

Well it's nearly time to head to the airport and apart from a few goodbyes I am about ready! Just wanted to thank everyone for their presents and cards and well wishes over the last few weeks. Also thanks to everyone who came to my party and tried to give me alcohol poisoning ;) It has been a long hard year so far (albeit peppered with some amazing times) but I am looking forward to jetting off in search of some sunshine! Anyone who fancies a holiday please come and visit, otherwise please please stay in touch and let me know how you're getting on.

Some things I am going to miss: My friends, my family, my wife, my bed, my privacy, lie-ins, Ronnie's bagel bakery (how will I cope?!), endless games of Scrabulous - opiate of the masses, the Railway pub quiz (yes really), random nights that end in 269 bar, my cats, Orange Wednesdays, dinners with my urban family, Cadbury's fruit and nut, English diet-coke, the Observer Everyman crossword, Twinings, my books, my gold wedges (sorry shoes you were just too chunky to make the cut), fancy dress, Waterloo bridge and my pay cheque!

Some things I am not going to miss: The tube in rush hour (especially big sweaty men who squeeze on at the last minute when there's no room and make you spend the rest of the journey rammed in their armpit), the rain (except when I am in the rainforest I guess), Monday mornings, the cost of a pint, the North London line (especially its random closures), being a desk jockey, dating London men, efforts to try and wake me up at 6:30 to go jogging in Richmond, council tax, drunk texts - because you all have my new number and I still expect to receive them!

Anyway just time to go and say goodbye to the local now, so I'm off xxx

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Poorhouse said...

See ya! You can count me in for a free warm nice holiday sometime I am sure :-)

Sounds like your F&F should send you over a rescue package once you are of relatively fixed abode, perhaps not including the cats.

Hope the aeroplane suits you better than the tube. Will be glued to the bloggage for the updates as and when.

Have fun, how could you not!?