Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Bahia Coast

I have to say my heart sank as Vicci bounded over and announced she had sorted us out a lambada class for that evening at 7. Visions of Bar Salsa and being trodden on by 20 different hopeless men flooded my mind. We were sat on the beach in Arraial Da Ajuda, where we had arrived the night before, enjoying the sunshine and watching the sea slowly roll in towards us. I had the feeling my peace was about to be rudely disrupted. As my brain sat there trying to think of ways out of the situation I had an epiphany, and decided that as I was not in Britain anymore, maybe I could stop being so Britih and it would be ok! As it happened we had an amazing evening. Fabio and Edmundo who Vicci had met on the beach practising their Capoeira were lovely and looked after us that evening. We went to a bar some way out of town where we were the only non-Brazilians and were made very welcome by everyone, especially one very enthusiastic if slightly drunk lady we tagged Mrs Welcome, as that was the only word of English she really knew, and she insisted on repeating it ad infinitum, accompanied by crazy laughter. I got over my fears and got up on stage and did something approximating the lambada. Though my footwork left a lot to be desired, the guys soon figured out I was perfectly capable of spinning round and round and proceeded to fling me about the dance floor with abandon. I have to say, Brazilian men can MOVE and despite dripping with sweat still remained mighty attractive! Eventually we beat a retreat back to the hostel cos Vicci had danced so much she sliced her foot open and one drunk guy seemed to be trying to purchase Melissa!

Arraial Da Ajuda was all in all an amazing town, with beautiful beaches, stunning buildings all coloured from orange to blue and the rest of the rainbow in between. It was with sadness that we upped and made the 8 hour trip up the coast Itacare. The town itself was not as pretty but we did a daytrip out to an amazing waterfall, the name of which currently escapes me! We explored the local trails and swam around with the whole place to ourselves, it was blissful. After that it was time to head back to the hostel, pack our things and make another 8 hour trip the next morning to Salvador, starting to feel a bit like the littlest hobo!

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Adam said...

Welcome! Welcome! WELCOME! hahaha! Welcome! Haha! HAHA! Welcome!! HAHAHA! WELCOME! Welcome!

Missing you xx

PS: PMSL @ the dance description ta. Luckily now I don't often work in an office I don't look like such a freak.

PPS: The antispam verification to this comment seems to read "clit ro"