Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Foz de Iguaçu

Words can´t do the falls justice so here is a short video, turn the sound up for maximum effect, it was awesome.

Aside from the falls, we did have an interesting experience on Melissa´s last night with us. It rained all day and we headed for a beer house in search of shelter. Here we met some very authentic locals named Fernando, Roberto and... Douglas. With nothing better planned for the evening we agreed to have dinner with them and off they went to make themeslves presentable. In the meantime I had spied Pineapple caipirinhas on the menu, which seemed like a thoroughly good idea. Not only were they one of the roughest drinks I have ever tasted, they were seemingly made of pure alcohol and my the time our dates had returned from their ablutions, I for one was rather wore for wear. The rest of the evening is patchy, though at one point we definately ate, in fact at an all you can eat buffet where my eyes were decidedly larger than my stomach and as a result a lot of my food ended up in places it shouldn´t, especially the vile pink ice cream I chose to decorate everyone elses plates with when they weren´t looking. For this I apologise. Later on that evening it was deemed a good idea to go back to our hostel, fetch our passports and drive across the border to Paraguay to party with the (mostly underage) locals, in possibly the worlds worst dance club. Border control it seems didn´t give 2 hoots that we were either entering or exiting the country, preferring instead to stay inside their cosy booth and watch whatever the Paraguayan Eastenders equivalent is, even though the car was at at least twice its capacity. At some point a headache kicked in, as did sobriety. Unfortunately the same could not be said for Mel or Vicci who didn´t seem to want to return to Brazil half as much as me. At around 2 in the morning when I wondered how the club could possibly top itself in the badness stakes, the world´s worst latin American U2 tribute band hit the stage and murdered every song Bono ever penned. Thankfully Melissa saved the4 day by falling asleep standing up and eventually it was declared enough fun had been had and we could go home. We rocked up at 5.30 and I headed to the toilet for my usual hangover routine. Unfortunately check out was at 10. This involved dragging evrything I owned into the corridor, checking out, then coming back, washing and packing. Then we headed to the bus station and waved Melissa off, sad times :( before tackling the bus journey from hell to Argentina!


Poorhouse said...

Home from home - you seem to have found the equivalent of minging-deserted "Jumbo #1 Buffet" and apalling but quite possible to sleep standing up "Kingdom" there.

Chris Bryant said...

Very much Home from Home, you also found the South American version of Latelys!! ha ha