Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Salta, Argentina

We didn´t spend very long in Salta, but we did spend a day out on the poor mans version of "Train to the Clouds". "Bus to the Clouds" may not have been as glam, but it was easier on the wallet and our hostel seemed keen that we go, so go we did. We spent the day being ferried around the highlands, stopping at tiny villages to buy identical llama socks, run around on the railway, ooh and ahh over the 7 coloured mountain (this was quite cool), barter over frankly ridiculous hats and stand in awe at the salt plains, which were in fact awesome. I´d probably rather have done the wine tour but it was a nice day out and a chance to catch up with Rachel before travelling to Bolivia for much more stunning (albeit freezing) salt desert action!

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Ad said...

Lovin' the updates Miss B, keep them up :o) The photo on the railway track is a cracker! x